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May 30, 2023 |

Theodore M.

“In 2021 I unfortunately was arrested for a DUI after a night out. While my BAC wasn’t terribly high and there was no accident or anyone hurt, it still resulted in a traumatic experience overall for me as this was my first offense of any kind. I asked a friend for help and he recommended to reach out to the Pakneshan Firm to help me with my case. As I had no idea how this whole process worked, Pezhman was very clear and patient explaining the next steps on how to navigate the complex court and DMV processes. One main thing that I appreciated the most was that he was super responsive via phone or email so that helped me feel more comfortable throughout. Long story short is the he managed my case in a timely manner, I finished my probation , and then worked with him to get my record expunged so that I could go back to normal and put this behind me. Definitely a lawyer I trust and would recommend to friends/family if they were in this same situation.”

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