This IS the person to call for a D.U.I. problem

Mr. Pakneshan is a former prosecutor and is extremely knowledgeable in both the civil and criminal aspects of D.U.I., which is crucial in getting the best outcome. Had it not been for his expertise, professionalism, attention to detail and understanding of strategy in dealing with the Court and the DMV, I might have done jail time and most certainly would be unable to drive for two years. Instead, I received the minimum penalty allowed by law, did community service, and had my driving privilege suspended for only 90 days.

I cannot recommend Mr. Pakneshan highly enough. His dedication of taking hours to look critically through police vest cam footage enabled me to prevail with the DMV hearing. His professionalism and bearing are rare to find in these times, he always treated me with the highest respect and I always knew that he was doing the best that was possible in representing me. If you need help with a D.U.I., he IS the one to call.